Sales Enablement


Sales Enablement is a growing way of thinking and organizing activities and tools in order to support the success of sales. One usually thinks that Sales Enablement is only the collaboration between sales and marketing. But the concept is much wider, for example, customer service and HR have a lot to do with Sales Enablement. Event aims to cover the Sales Enablement theme widely in different angles so that it inspires the entire management group regardless the area of responsibility. 

Watch the recording of the NSE 2020 - event here!


The event is targeted to those C-level leaders and experts working with a passion of developing the sales from Sales Enablement perspective:

  • CEOs and Business unit leaders 
  • Business developers 
  • Head of sales 
  • Head of marketing
  • Head of customer service 
  • Head of HR 


Our event partners will represent the following services and solutions:

  • Marketing automation services 
  • CRM -services 
  • Sales support (telemarketing etc.) 
  • Customer service solutions (chat, inbound tele services) 
  • Marketing services (cloud, big data, etc.) 
  • Document handling services 
  • Research services  
  • E-training & learning


Sales Enablement Event is a high-end event accelerating new customer base and creating an opportunity to strenghten the existing customer relationships. The partnership will give your company active visibility, chance to meet new customers and utilize pre-booked meetings in the event.

Contact: Olli Syvänen + 358 50 563 8430

Sales Enablement 2019 aftermovie: