We had a fantastic lineup 2022!

Our host Gavin Ingham

High Performance Expert | Founder #IAM10 & Directors’ Compass

Helping individuals and organisations to raise performance using the #IAM10 methodology. 

What differentiates high performers from good performers? 

For the last two decades, this is the question that has driven Gavin Ingham to develop the #IAM10 high performance methodology for helping leaders to make smart decisions, employ winning strategies & get better results. 

The world is changing faster than ever. There is more competition than ever before. The global economy, AI, automation and now, the fallout from the Coronavirus, all mean that you and your people need to work with conviction, embrace change, maximise productivity and add more value to every situation. Good enough is not good enough anymore. You need to be the best. You need to be a 10.

Keynote Speakers 2022

Marcus Cauchi

Marcus Cauchi is a fractional CRO for several tech scale ups, co-author of Making Channel Sales Work, Founder of Sales: A Force For Good and a passionate advocate for Buyer Safety. Expert in Management Enablement and Partner Enablement, Marcus has served clients in over 500 segments of the market, helping them add £6.5bn+ to their top line revenues. He has 3 teenage daughters and a long suffering wife.


Karen Dunne-Squire

Award-winning entrepreneur, trainer, author and Creator of the Growth Framework, Karen Dunne-Squire is uniquely positioned to inspire business owners, leaders, and executives to create and develop world-class businesses through focusing on the behaviours that lead to winning outcomes.

In a career spanning 20 years KDS has set up and run some of the UKs largest sales and marketing departments. (Flight Centre Global, Reed PLC, Zurn Industries INC) Karen combines this experience, with her award-winning methodology, to equip businesses with the skills and knowledge to drive real success. 

What is the Elation methodology? It’s The Growth Framework – which, when implemented in any business, guarantees growth. It provides a blueprint for world-class achievement.   The award winning methodology is a game changer for the sales and marketing departments in any business.

Over the past ten years The Growth Framework has transformed over 400 businesses across the globe.  Really high performance is about the perfect combination of strategy and action; and if you want to build a business that really perform, you need to properly balance both.  

Recognised as a hugely successful international keynote speaker Karen comes to life in front of an audience. Delivering her packed out keynotes at international conferences; or really getting involved during interactive workshops. Karen’s engaging style, single-minded enthusiasm for her subject, and her unique content make Karen the perfect choice for an event focused on driving business performance.


Petteri Poutiainen

Petteri Poutiainen is a passionate advocate for innovation, digital business and building winning teams. He is known for his positivity, never-give-up attitude and unlimited creativity.
Petteri has over 20 years of experience in building and managing successful international organisations in the IT industry. Super-optimistic and energetic, he is always looking for new ways to inspire and engage people - customers, employees and partners.


Henrik Larsson-Broman 

Henrik Larsson-Broman is a trendspotter, researcher, author and founder of ProSales Institute, a leading Sales Excellence research company. With over 1000 lectures, Henrik Larsson Broman is one of Sweden’s most engaging speakers in strategies and trends for increased growth, sales and marketing.


Partnership Interviews 2022

Sami Suni, Founder and CEO at Showell: How sales content management helps you to unlock your competitive advantage?

Sami is the founder and CEO of Showell, the leading Sales Enablement software company in the Nordics. Before founding Showell, he worked in a sales position modernizing and growing their businesses with digital solutions. He saw how sales and marketing struggled with empowering salespeople with the relevant content to influence buyers in every touchpoint. Since 2012, Sami's company, Showell, has transformed how hundreds of global sales teams show well and sell better. 


Johanna Höglund, Regional Sales Director Finland at APSIS: The power of data-driven marketing



Joonas Mäkiranta, Sales Team Lead at Ohjelmistoja.fi: What’s popular now and what to be expected in the world of sales digital tools?


Simo Ikonen, Head of Sales at Liana: The marketing stack can be hard to handle, on what youshould keep your eyes on?

Simo Ikonen, VP and Head Of Global Sales at Liana Technologies. Leading a Sales and Marketing teams of 70 people relying on my long practical experience in the field of digital marketing. I have a broad knowledge of Lianas's solution palette and strong yet humane style to lead. 


Jonas Hammarberg, Founder and CEO at SP CE: Shorten your sales cycles & win more deals in the world of Hybrid Sales, but how?


Tamara Schenk, Strategic Advisor at Showpad : The four key enablement domains to drive modern selling

 Tamara Schenk is a globally acknowledged sales enablement leader, expert, strategic advisor, author, and keynote speaker, always focused on empowering human potential.
She enjoyed more than twenty-five years in the corporate world in various roles in different industries on an international level before she discovered her passion for sales enablement.
Prior to serving as a strategic advisor, Tamara was research director and lead analyst for sales enablement at CSO Insights. During this time, she led various global sales enablement studies, and she co-authored the book Sales Enablement – A Master Framework to Engage, Equip, and Empower a World-Class Sales Force with Byron Matthews.
Before she changed perspectives and became an analyst, she had the pleasure to develop sales enablement from an idea to a program and a strategic, global function at T-Systems, a Deutsche Telekom company where she led the global sales force enablement and transformation team.


Rasmus Nyberg, Head of Product at Alma Talent: Data-driven sales: how to increase sales with data


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