The talk show was organized March 15th 2022. 


08.45 Matchmaking and virtual breakfast  

 09.30-9.40 Welcome Words 

Host Gavin Ingham


09.40-10.00 Henrik Larsson-Broman: The future state of sales 


10.00-10.10 Partnership interviews


Sami Suni, Founder and CEO at Showell: How sales content management helps you to unlock your competitive advantage?


Johanna Höglund, Regional Sales Director Finland at APSIS: The power of data-driven marketing

 10.10-10.30 Petteri Poutiainen: How to establish positive Sales Enablement culture?

10.30-10.40 Partnership interviews


Joonas Mäkiranta, Sales Team Lead at What’s popular now and what to be expected in the world of sales digital tools?


Simo Ikonen, Head of Sales at Liana: The marketing stack can be hard to handle, on what you should keep your eyes on?


10.40-11.10 Break


11.10-11.30 Karen Dunne-Squire: Sales and Marketing alignment - an impossible task?


11.30-11.45 Partnership interviews


Jonas Hammarberg, Founder and CEO at SP CE: Shorten your sales cycles & win more deals in the world of Hybrid Sales, but how?


Tamara Schenk, Strategic Advisor at Showpad: The four key enablement domains to drive modern selling


Rasmus Nybergh, Head of Product at Alma Talent: Data-driven sales: How to increase sales with data


11.45-12.05 Marcus Cauchi: The sales pressure is high, how to convert it to an inspirational spirit in your team


12.05 Closing words


Sales Enablement 2022 partners and our keynote speakers


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